Most people come to see me because they think something needs to be fixed - their libido is too low, they orgasm too fast or not at all, they don’t feel good about their desires, they suffer from sexual trauma or maybe they’re just really dissatisfied with their sex life.


The marketing experts say that I need to talk about the issues I support people with as my clients would talk about them.


And while that’s true and helpful, it’s just not enough.


What I really want you to know is that it all comes back to being present to your life.


Present to how your body is showing up (or not) in the moment. Present to the sadness you feel about your past. Present to the frustration you have about the state of your sex life. Present to your worry about the future.


I get it - this is simple but not easy.


But what if we stopped running from our lives? And really started living into them?


My experience has been that it is this running which creates my suffering.


Yet, in be-ing present to our life, grounded in exactly where we are, we can create something new.


And here’s an idea I play with every day - we can’t create the future, only the present moment. So how am I showing up now? And now?


Events, feelings, thoughts and sensations are just what’s happening in this moment and what if you just noticed instead of running or judging?


Notice how frustration shows up in your body, how your thoughts race, how much you really long to be closer to your husband.


Just be-ing with yourself.  


We don’t need to know all the tricks and tips and techniques.


Secret -------> there really aren’t any.  They’re all rooted in presence, so now you know ;)


Radical presence to our life requires vulnerability. To put down down the fight. To accept.


It is in this presence that a new world exists for us. That our perspective and creativity actually opens up inside of what is. 


Can we let go of the notion that something needs to be fixed and figured 



And rather, can we just be with what’s happening while stepping into a brand new possibility for ourselves?


Not stepping into… a controlled orgasm, no sexual dysfunction, more libido, better sex. In this land, there is no better, more or different. It’s just a brand new moment.


What about the possibility of: 






Because in the land of possibility - pleasure, connection, vibrancy and healing can be created, whatever your erection, sex life, or trauma looks like, simply because, yes, you are actually present to it.


I am the possibility of ABUNDANT JOY!


What about you - what are you the possibility of?


Much love,




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