Hear What Others Have to Say

I learned to move forward, to naturally ask for what I need and desire in my relationship. I am more comfortable in my mind and body and have become more at peace with my natural sexual self. I thank you for that :-)

I did have some moments where I thought about giving up, but your passion, patience, empathy and love brought me back. I really couldn’t have done this program with anyone else and have it turn out so successfully.

- D.B. Rochester, NY

I have been a client of Amanda's for about six months.  I originally went to see her for help with ED and premature ejaculation.  I was nervous about going to someone to discuss this and it probably kept me from seeking help much sooner.  I felt comfortable immediately with her and was happy that I made the decision to go.  

She has helped me work through this and I am much more confident and comfortable with myself.  In working through this we had discovered that the root of the problem emanated from a loss of nerve sensitivity due to being a long term diabetic.  We have been working on regenerating my nerve sensation through using different forms of touch and feeling or reactivating my senses.  I have had major improvement with my level of sensitivity to touch and other forms of stimulation and expect that I can continue to improve.  

I feel Amanda's ability to focus on me and her intuition helped put us on the right track.  I had tried conventional doctors and have come to the conclusion that they do not seek to resolve root issues but just treat symptoms and I was ready to give up until by chance I got in touch with Amanda.  She is helping me improve my overall physical satisfaction and that I should expect pleasure to be a core part of my life physically and mentally and that this is helping me improve my total body health.  

I would recommend her for anyone seeking to improve their physical and sexual health, you won't be sorry you gave her methodology a chance.  For me she is God sent, Thank you Amanda!

- B.C. Rochester, NY


I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the progress we have made in such a short period of time. The issues we have been discussing have been difficult for so many years & for the first time I'm beginning to believe there's light at the end of the tunnel ... you are truly a gift. 

I highly recommend Amanda for anyone struggling with emotional and or sexual challenges in their life. I refer to Amanda as an "old soul" due to her almost ethereal nature and ability to bring deep rooted feelings to the surface unlike anyone I have ever consulted. Amanda is conscientious in understanding the issues in her dialog... but is somehow able to avoid the somewhat clinical feeling so often associated with therapy.

As our sessions progressed, her ability to put me at ease during the hands-on sessions brought to the surface deeply emotional feelings I never expected. My body was feeling things and reacting unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The tears in my eyes were surprising & embarrassing, but once again Amanda was somehow able to put me at ease and help me understand the nature of the emotions I was feeling. I believe I have found a unique therapist and person in Amanda, I look forward to future sessions and growth.

- M.M. Rochester, NY