Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your location?

My sanctuary is located in Rochester, NY near Elison Park.  Once an in person consult or session time is set up, I share the exact location. 

Do you do out-calls?

I will only consider providing out-call sessions to clients with a physical limitation.  Contact me and we can discuss.

Is mutual touch a part of the session?

Never.  The focus is always on you and your experience to access pleasure and erotic trance for deeper healing.  The work that I offer is not about partner engagement, ever.  Many men and women due to cultural conditioning can find it very difficult to simply receive because reciprocating touch has been what they are accustomed to.  However, this kind of sexual healing and guidance assists clients in taking responsibility for their own pleasure and eroticism, which is a wonderful, empowering thing! 

Clients wishing to learn interpersonal erotic skills may bring their partner.  I love working with couples!

What can I expect from a session?

Each session is co-created by you and I.  In the spirit of transformation, finding out who you've been and who you'd like to become guide us before diving into the main part of the work, which may include body-based excercises and/or bodywork with inquiry and intention. 

The work I offer asks you to show up completely, there is nothing passive about it.  This is not an erotic massage nor a "mutual touch" experience. 

Can I book a single session with you?

No. I work with clients through a series of sessions and email support over a period of weeks - we determine how many sessions would be best for you during the consult.

How much does this cost?

We discuss pricing during the consult which varies based on how many sessions are recommended.

*If finances are a concern for you, I can sometimes offer a partial scholarship.

What can I do to prepare?

Please arrive showered with fresh breath to set the right tone.

Do NOT smoke beforehand; the smell is difficult for me.

Enjoying a light meal prior and some fresh air is highly recommended.

Do not arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Are you available for same day appointments?

No, I am not.  Because this is not a one size fits all kind of session, there is considerable preparation, which I cannot do if you book the same day. I have mostly daytime sessions, but do have some early evening and Sunday availability.  

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash preferred or credit card.

Do you offer tantra sessions?

While sessions are at times informed by tantric philosophy and teachings, they are not true tantra or neo-tantra as practiced currently in the west.  Tantra is very hard to define.

How can I integrate after the session?

Taking some time to stay "unplugged" and tuned in to yourself is wise.  Drinking plenty of water, having some fresh air and a nourishing meal are important.