Sleepless nights...nauseous stomach...worry, endless thinking.  

Basically this is me when I fall into what I call “anxiety mess mode.”  It’s a place of forgetting - my deep love of life and my connection to all that is.  

Especially my connection to my own body and senses. 

I’ve been working with a breath practice - an “erotic” breath, while walking out in nature for over a year now.  It is my medicine for connecting back to my inherent self where peace prevails.  

I’m sharing it in a video below.  

The first time I tried breathing like this I was out walking.  It was part of my Somatic Sex Education training - my homework.  

There weren’t any birds singing.  My partner and I were in a challenging spot...again.  The sun wasn’t shining.  It was pretty cold and dreary.  And actually I was pretty bored.  I remember I had to keep telling myself, “Just keep going, just breathe and walk.”  

Then the resistance really started up.  “What was I even looking to feel?  Why are they having us do this?  Uggh.”  I had no idea.  

But I kept breathing.  With no expectations to feel anything.  With no outcome in mind.  Yet, within a few minutes, my heart and chest felt wider.  Like a weight was lifted.  I was no longer thinking about the cold weather or the crappy conversation I had that morning.

I started laughing and crying at the same time for no reason.  

Everything felt right.

I was grateful to just be.

How many breaths did it take?  

Who cares?
When you try this, I have no idea what you will feel.  For me it changes every time.  That’s the exploration, the diving into the unknown of our human experience, no matter what the circumstances with no expectations.

Learning to breathe this way can:

  • Help you access bliss

  • Open up the connection between the heart (emotions) and the genitals

  • Increase libido and pleasure

  • Decrease anxiety and depression

  • Provide a natural remedy to PE and ED

  • To name a few…

In this video I’ll walk you through:

  • What a deep breath really is.

  • How to know if you’re actually breathing erotically.

  • Why this breath practice works on our anatomy to increase sensation and pleasure  - no woo woo here ;)

  • Where and when you can breathe this way. 

  • Why you might have resistance to breathing differently.

Much love,

P.S. I briefly touch on erotic breath in my embodiment meditation, which you can access here