Somatic Sex Therapy
Intimacy & Relationship Mentoring

I support people to create lives of intimacy, joy and connection, with themselves and others.

My name is Amanda Wattie and I’m a Relationship Midwife and Embodiment Teacher with a certification in Somatic Sex Education.

That’s a lot of words to simply say that I love walking others through a process of awakening to their deeper spirit and sexuality within, the essence of who they really are. Through my work as a somatic sex educator, I am able to work with individuals and couples on how to build intimacy.

I know how difficult it can be to create the emotional and physical intimacy you desire. How disconnected we can become from ourselves and our partners. Yet regardless of the struggle, it is possible to experience true intimacy and I am here for you as guide, inspiration and confidant.

Taking a stand actually, for you to create a life beyond what seems possible. Allow yourself to be supported to discover a transformation in all your relations, including the one with yourself.

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Embracing the Body: A Place to Learn & Let Go

Dive with us - into sensuality, sensation and spirit to explore your true self through an afternoon of experiential education.

Sunday, April 28th, 2019 / 2-5 pm / Rochester, NY

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