A few weeks ago, I had an enlightening conversation with my friend and colleague, Belinda Porter of Heat Effect Life Coaching.  Belinda is a life and intimacy coach in Syracuse, NY.

In this video, she shares her trials and triumphs with cancer, chemo, early-onset menopause, and the relationship with her husband Kevin throughout it all - they’ve been married 30 years!

After our call, I was left excited and so hopeful for all women to have this knowledge about sex after menopause and what’s really possible - not what you’ve been told! 

Learn about:

  • The importance of a woman’s full arousal before sex as it relates to urinary health

  • Lubes - what she recommends and why

  • Orgasmic Meditation - what it is exactly

  • And why Belinda says, “I'm nearly 60 years old and having the best sex of my life.”

I hope you enjoy this down-to-earth but super inspiring conversation as much as I loved creating it! Let me know what your take-aways are :)

Much love,