I recently created something that I wanted to share with you.  It’s a 3-Step Path for Greater Sexual Confidence.  My sincere hope is that it will help you to start creating the intimate life you are seeking.  Because who doesn't want more love and connection?


You can download it HERE


Basically, this path is one of greater erotic embodiment - getting out of our heads and dropping into this other amazing navigation system we have - the body!  Will you join me in this Erotic Embodiment Movement?


A note on the word “erotic.”  By erotic I mean being lit up from the inside by the excitement of being alive.  I know most people attach sexual feeling or desire to this word, but it is actually much much more.  If we are accessing our erotic energy it means we are tuned in and turned on by life - all of it.  This is ecstasy folks.


Can you imagine what it would be like if more people were cultivating this deep internal awareness of this energy???  Personally, I know that things do change - dramatically.  It can’t be helped, it’s just a natural progression when you are tapping into your life force, into the joy of being alive, in the here and now, in your very body.    


At its core this is a mindfulness practice for your sexual soul.


No more than weekly, I’m going to be sharing some inspiration like this to fuel your personal erotic embodiment movement.  Some heartfelt words, maybe some videos, but for sure lots of awesome techniques to try.  The erotic is all about exploring and experimenting.  Let’s grow together towards bliss and an-everyday-counts kind of existence!    


I am so excited for you to join me and there are a few things I really want you to know before we get started:

  • I am grateful for you joining me here.  This, at its core, is about creating a community to learn and share with.


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  • If you choose to explore with me, know that I will be sharing invaluable insight because you’re part of my community.  


  • Co-create with me - share what’s up for you and I’ll do my best to create something in response to that.  We are a lot more alike than you might think; so it’s highly likely are you aren’t the only one with that struggle.  Let’s learn from one another.  


  • Any email you send me, I will read and respond to personally.  All is kept strictly confidential.


  • Your support is so appreciated.  Support could look like: 

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  • I never expect you to buy anything from me.  You are always                   welcome in this community at whatever level you choose to participate - I honor all or none.  I appreciate being able to offer my work in all its forms - from valuable free content to the services I may occasionally offer.  The choice is yours.  


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I think that is it for now, here’s to your fullest embodiment.


Much love,




Enjoy your 3-Step Path and let me know what you think.