About Somatic Sex Education

Somatic Sex Education offers the opportunity to learn, grow and heal through body based exercises - somatic bodywork - and experiences.   Learning new ways of being in our physicalness, dropping the mental chatter, we cultivate interior awareness and sense a deeper, yet subtle undercurrent of sensation and experience what it means to be fully alive.  From my teacher:

Coming home to our bodies, experiencing waves of arousal,
we enter the sacred mystery of a living world that lives in us.

- Caffyn Jesse                                                    

The learning that happens in somatic sex education goes way beyond what we may have learned in perfunctory school sex education.  Where was the education about enjoyment, consent, the anatomy of pleasure, sexual expression and identity?  How to be intimate with another person – the vulnerability in giving and receiving?  Erotic mapping?  There is a distinction between sex therapy and somatic sex education in that sex therapy discusses possibilities in the theory, whereas Somatic Sex Education experiments with those possibilities in the flesh.

Our sexual energy is our creative generator within.  Somatic Sex Education offers a way to work with and understand that generator for far more than making babies.  What can we transform and grow with this pleasurable but powerful energy?  What part of us wants to become unstuck?  There is great wisdom the body can bring to the whole of our lives; how it wants to teach us to break free and grow beyond what we think is possible, required or comfortable. 

Many view erotic touch superficially, instead of seeing the complex, healing and endless possibilities it holds - which can be seen with the right lens.  Higher states of consciousness and wisdom can be accessed through pleasure, through interacting with sexual energy.  Somatic Sex Education is about learning how to experience expanded ways of being in sex that can assist with all sexual challenges and inquiries.  This work, at its core, is about expansion of mind, body and spirit - transcendent sexuality.

Somatic Sex Education can unwind sexual wounds in the nervous system when we need more than talk therapy.  We are offered the chance to listen to what the body has to say.  Through embodied practices, such as breath, movement, sound and touch, unconscious patterns can be released, undoing the effects of trauma and neglect.  Working therapeutically, we can pay close attention to the “resilient edge of resistance,” challenging ourselves just enough to grow without overstimulating and stressing the seedlings of growth and healing. 

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