Restorative Rest Home Retreat

BLURB for welcome page. Learning how to slow down is key to creating fulfilling intimacy with yourself and others.

A guided 7 day online home “retreat” devoted to creating space for conscious rest and renewal, admidst the normal flow of life.

A guided online home “retreat” with Amanda. We’ll devote 7 days to creating space for conscious rest and renewal, admidst the normal flow of life. Each daily practice is meant to be easily integrated and could take as little as 15 minutes. No need to take time off work, although you certainly could.

In a world of over-doing, hustle and hurry, resource yourself in the slow and cozy magic of winter, darkness and

the unknown.

Restorative Rest Offers You the Opportunity To:

  • Reconnect deeply with yourself thru a series of self-care practices

  • Cultivate balance and calm within

  • Honor your natural inclination to rest during winter without feeling guilty

  • Resource yourself in slowness so you can bring more love, compassion and patience to your relationships

  • Reflect deeply on the past year and the new seeds you wish to plant for the year to come

Structure: Via Private Facebook Group

Day 1: Preparation

  • In order to get the most out of the retreat, I will lead you into taking the steps to be present with your experience.

Days 2-6: Video/Interactive Teaching

  • I will post a video and questions for reflection each day outlining a different self-care practice. Within the FB group, you can share your experience and ask questions. I will be there each day to offer individualized guidance and support as you develop new ways of being.

Day 7 - Integration

  • The last day will be an opportunity to reflect on your takeaways and how to resource yourself moving forward. Continuing to balance the be-ing with the do-ing.

About Amanda:

I take great pleasure in winter. The season that many, including myself at one point, have run from, I reclaimed as a powerful time of rejuvenation and renewal. This time of drawing inward, reconnecting to self and the senses has brought abundant gifts by embracing the pull to slow down, rest and reflect. To do what the world largely ignores.

I lead others into a new relationship with slowness, self-care, winter, and intimacy; to cultivate a love affair with the unexpected. To journey, finding that in our slowing down there is not less, but more of life available to us.


Saturday, January 26th - Friday, February 1st, 2019




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