More About Somatic Sex Education and the Work of Pleasure

The Power of Pleasure: Endeavoring in the Erotic for Transformation

I am passionate about helping you find the meaning and magic in your everyday life.  To shift out of auto-pilot, old patterns, finding your personal edge.   To engage with life fully and plug back in to the truth of who you are by reconnecting with your body and pleasure.  I hold a safe and sacred space for you to come back to by committing myself to a unique, growth oriented relationship with you as a guide and coach.  As such, I will hold you accountable to the changes you seek.

The Old Way Just Isn't Working Anymore

Using pleasure for transformation is an ancient practice, used thousands of years ago, but it may be a very new idea to you.  Today it is commonly referred to as "sex magic."  I would say my sessions are a grounded combination of sex therapy and body-based sexual healing with magic sprinkled throughout. 

The guidance I offer clients is based on their deepest intentions and yearnings for what has not yet come to be.  While we won't use spells, I will teach you how to cultivate, circulate and focus your erotic energy towards your intentions for the highest good.  This is all about challenging old routines and creating new habits of pleasure.

Acquire New Tools for the New Way

I have many tools that I will use in our time together depending upon what you are seeking to explore.  For certain, however, our inquiry will always be based in the body, interacting with your erotic, generative or life-force energy.  Not sure you identify with the erotic? Not to worry, many people don't and I will meet you right where you are at.  

Utilizing breath, sound, movement, your personal intention and touch as key tools in our learning together, we will explore the wisdom of the body.  When we are not connected to what feels good, to our pleasure, we can become disembodied, perhaps distracted from what was once important to us.  Some work I have supported my clients with that feels particularly exciting to me -


becoming the person you wish to be in all areas of life

exploring expanded erotic states

mindful masturbation as a transformational practice

sensate focus and erotic trance

sex after kids (for women and men)

a safe space to share openly about one's intimate life

sexual trauma

porn "addiction"

sexual dysfunction

finding the inner lover


The Adventure Begins

Curious?  Apply for a complimentary consult in-person at my office, or via zoom video conferencing.  It's the perfect way to see if we are a good fit, get a taste of what my work can offer you and most clients say their learning began even in that initial conversation.