Messy to Miraculous, An Online Group Program:

Stop Spinning Your Wheels, Speak From the Heart &

Create a Break-through in Your Relationship

I get it. You’re trying so hard to bring your best self to this relationship and it’s still a mess. Or you clean it up, coasting along only to hit another wall. You can’t seem to stay connected & confident or physically & emotionally intimate with your partner. It’s been rocky.

So you try to talk about it. But the conversations you’re having aren’t bringing you any closer and sometimes they just start another fight. Then it’s hard to tell the truth and you shut down. You’re committed and loving but losing hope that you’ll be able to make this work.

I’ve been there. I’ve cried on the kitchen floor, found the strength to get back to it, only to find that nothing really changed. I’ve felt the grief and anger so strong that I thought I was going to punch a hole in the wall. And then there was the underlying resentment and frustration that they weren’t doing it “right.” Or the fear that I was doing it “wrong.” There wasn’t a sense of peace or contentment. Just plugging along.

For nearly 10 years, I found myself in this repeating pattern with the people I loved most. Did relationships have to be so difficult? I didn’t think so but where was the freedom?

My yoga teacher always says,

“The pose (or relationship) begins the moment you want to get out of it -

that’s when the real work begins.”

And that was me. I desperately wanted out of all these yucky feelings. I wanted a “perfect” relationship. I was always trying to figure out or fix one thing or another, whether it was me or them. That’s the messy truth. I was a control freak afraid of being alone.

Yet, it wasn’t until I stopped trying to do something about the break-downs that I was able to create the break-throughs with myself and others. I was able to stand strong in what was there for me, which quite simply, was love.

I don’t know what’s there for you, but that discovery is the heart of this course. I created it to support you in transforming a relationship that you can feel good about at the end of the day. No matter what.

What Possibilities You Can Create in This Space:


  • You can communicate truthfully about physical and emotional intimacy without fear of your partner’s response. You are confidently self-expressed. You can finally get real.


  • You’re able to tap into your own joy and passion within and that naturally overflows into the relationship, energizing it.


  • You know how to connect with your partner in a way that leaves you fulfilled and them feeling truly seen and loved.


  • You’re conscious of when you’re anxiously over-thinking and are able to re-center powerfully.


  • You appreciate the little things - the daily almost missed miracles - which creates an empowering context in the relationship.


  • You’re the creator of a fertile environment for unconditional love and love of life to thrive.

Messy to Miraculous is an 8 week online small group program devoted to discovering what’s possible in your relationships, even the ones that don’t exist yet.

The Format

Part 1: Online Group Sessions (8 total)

  • You will join myself and the other participants (limit of 10) once a week for a 90 minute group session via zoom video conferencing. Dates to be determined. See the survey below for choices.

  • Each week there will be a different exploration and embodiment practice shared.

  • Dedicated Q&A time for individualized guidance.

  • While not encouraged or ideal, all sessions will be recorded, in case you cannot attend live.

  • Special Note: There is a powerful dynamic to group exploration, where we can be left moved by another’s share or question as things resonate and inspire, multiplying the benefit to us. It is really normal for people to feel they are “the only one” with a certain issue, especially regarding the topics of sex, love and intimacy. But nearly everyone struggles, relationships are not easy! I guarantee you are not alone in whatever is going on for you. This is not a group about having it all figured out. Come messy!

Part 2: The Community

  • You will receive an invite to our private Facebook group.

  • Between our live gatherings you will have access to support from myself and your fellow peers.

  • This community is a safe and confidential space to share your relationship journey - what’s working and what isn’t.

Part 3: Work With Me 1:1 (value $250)

  • A 1:1 session either in-person or via zoom video conferencing.

  • We will take a deeper dive into any relationship or intimacy area of your choosing for individualized support.

Course dates, please take this survey:

I learned to move forward, to naturally ask for what I need and desire in my relationship.

I am more comfortable in my mind and body and have become more at peace with my natural sexual self. I thank you for that :-)

I did have some moments where I thought about giving up, but your passion, patience, empathy and love brought me back. I really couldn’t have done this program with anyone else and have it turn out so successfully.
— D.B.

Payment Options:

Pay in Full $600 (save $99)


3 payments of $233

About Me:

As a Relationship Midwife I’ve supported folks to create the relationships they’re longing for with practices and embodiment tools that stem from my training as an Intimacy and Somatic Sex Educator. I support transformation with a magical combination of body, mind and spirit.

My clients have done everything from rekindle delicious physical intimacy with their partner (after years of sleeping in separate bedrooms and some sexual dysfunction to boot) to finding the love of their life after thinking they’d die alone because of a 50+ year old trauma that was holding them back.

This 8 week group is devoted to that kind of transformation. And I will walk with you as you begin to bring forth the kind of relationship you want.

I’m standing for your relationships to thrive, not just survive. To evolve. To be an expression of love, joy and freedom. No matter your what.