As a Somatic Sex Educator and Intimacy Coach, I support men and women in transforming their relationships with others and self with the body as their guide.

I’m mom to three kids, call Rochester, NY my home and make my living in a private practice supporting others towards greater intimate well-being.  I completely love what I do.

In many ways I’m a down-to-earth kind of person and enjoy the simple things: spending time with the love of my life & my daughters, making delicious food and enjoying the beauty of the earth.  And, I also know that I am here to support people as they birth the next difficult steps in their relationships.

I’ve had the rug pulled out from under me, I’ve dealt with mis-matched desire, cheating and compatibility.  And I, like many others, had an amount of childhood trauma that manifested as unconscious patterns and triggers as I matured.  This resulted in many-a-struggling relationship.  Same trigger, different person.  Funny isn’t it?  That’s when you know. It’s you, not them.

When I started working somatically and spiritually with my erotic being - my most alive self - I discovered I could actually undo the triggers, self-soothe and transform my relationships. Finally, I was able to identify as creator of my life.

Part of this creation is walking people thru their process, witnessing the growth, the struggle, the metamorphosis - for the sake of living a life they love, lived with the people they love most. Our life is our people.

I am certified by and member of     The Somatic Sex Educators Association.

I am certified by and member of
The Somatic Sex Educators Association.